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VYGON designs, produces and markets disposable one-time medical devices.

To sell these products, our sales representatives visit customers (doctors, surgeons etc.), and put in quotes for producing the operating kits comprising basic products.

It takes 3 steps to make a sale:

  • The quote
  • The validation of the quote by the factories before production can begin
  • The acceptance of the quote

Gamma Soft gives VYGON the means of handling these 3 steps. The data between the servers and the laptop computers used by the sales representatives for order taking are synchronized in each direction. All these operations take place transparently with respect to the medical sales representatives.

For the IT Director, Mr. Marcillet, Gamma Soft guarantees the total integrity and consistency of all these data.


Brinks offers cash management and security applications for businesses, banks and services and passenger security. It also operates in the field of optimized cash flow security transport - airport security and optimized passenger flows.

Mr. Daniel Bacquert is the Executive and Finance Director (DGA) at Brinks France which has been a Gamma Soft client since 2003. Gamma Soft tools helped resolve issues of monthly closures on D-4, adding to the reliability of financial data for analyzing the results at the same time as the monthly closure.

Real time data updating has and a definite impact on the quality of financial information sent out to the group by Brinks France.

According to Daniel Bacquert, Gamma Soft is helping with the consolidation of the company figures in real time, ensuring the traceability of all the information, optimizing the reliability of the Information System, cutting down on the number of IS interfaces and thus simplifying the overall IT process. Brinks France is more than satisfied with the services Gamma Soft has provided since 2003; Mr Bacquert praises the reliability of the technology, the quality of customer service, the follow-up and fast response times to the least problem.


Eneria is an affiliate of the Groupe Monnoyeur, a specialist in Energy production and motorization solutions. As exclusive Caterpillar concessionaire in France and abroad, Eneria has developed much-acclaimed expertise and know-how in the field of generators, inverters and engines made by Caterpillar.

Eneria needs to be able to count on having management statements with reliable data produced in real-time for guiding the company in its overall management.

Having been a customer since 1995, Gamma Soft has the right solution to address the daily needs of the various IT system back office databases to form a single repository used for constructing restitution portals for financial, commercial and after sales information.

Whatever the platforms on which the applications are developed, Gamma Soft is capable to restore the information in real time.

As seen by the CIO, Mr JM Leroux, the Gamma Soft tools are easy to implement, do not consume a lot of CPU resources, are easy to administrate and it is an ideal tool for a CIO.