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A range of real-time data capture and integration software

Gamma Soft designs and implements specialized software for real-time, inter-system data exchange.

Gamma Soft's solutions come with ETL, EAI, ESB/SOA and CEP features, and are renowned for their robustness, high performance and transparency in the information system.

Real-time data capture and integration


Gamma Soft's solutions for real-time data capture and integration incorporate the transactional CDC (Change Data Capture) technology used :

  • to capture, propagate, transform and aggregate transactional data on the fly
  • to impact databases and systems
  • in the IS and throughout the world in real time (less than 1 second)

This real-time, inter-system data replication and integration technology, otherwise known as data'distribution, is the technical foundation upon which the Real-Time4 products are built.



High-performance, value-added software







Added value for the company

  • Real time (less than one second)
  • Minimum footprint
  • Non-intrusive
  • Performance and high-volume management capacity
  • High transformation capacity
  • Fast deployment and familiarization
  • Light add-on to existing solutions
  • Low TCO
  • Up-to-date, relevant data for decision-making
  • High availability of the BI system
  • Reduced IT expenditure
  • Data auditing and traceability
  • Fast ROI
  • Contribution to the "real-time company"