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Capture, integrate and replicate data in real time with data’distribution

data’distribution is an innovative technology for the real-time capture, integration, replication and synchronization of inter-system transactional data.

With its CDC, ETL and ESB/SOA features and seamless deployment in the information system, data’distribution breaks down the barriers between heterogeneous, remote systems to facilitate inter-application dialog.

A powerful, event-driven data integration platform



data'distribution is a robust, high-performance platform for real-time data integration based on a mechanism that continually reads the transaction log events associated with the databases deployed.

Subsequent to an event, data'distribution captures the transactional data concerned, then transforms, routes and distributes this data in real time via bidirectional replication processes between various systems.


This non-intrusive mode of operating means that the replications performed by data'distribution have no significant impact on the source systems. Applications are fed data from the production system in real time or in deferred mode via selection, reformatting, enrichment and aggregation operations.

data'distribution outruns its competitors with its unlimited transformation capacity, effectively enabling it to handle up to 30 million transactions per hour.



An innovative, real-time data replication technology


Data replication technologies meet today's information system requirements by providing functions for advanced log capture and transactional data distribution between heterogeneous systems.

This real-time process for duplicating operational data ensures consistency between redundant database resources. It also improves reliability, fault tolerance and accessibility, and ensures critical system service continuity.



A powerful inter-system data hub for a real-time IS


Data is replicated between highly disparate, geographically remote environments. data'distribution guarantees the data's security and high availability for all company end-users, including  infrastructures hosted in the cloud (IaaS) and SaaS or cloud applications.


data'distribution feeds mobile applications in real time for smartphones and tablets.



Real-Time4 products and solutions incorporate data'distribution


data’distribution is the technical foundation for the real-time data capture and integration solutions developed by Gamma Soft to support all data sources on the market.


data'distribution lies at the core of the real-time solutions implemented by Gamma Soft, enabling its customers to build a real-time information system and dramatically increase the performance of their BI and e-business systems.