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Capturer, transformer et propager les changements au sein des bases de données.
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Data’distribution: administration and traceability, programming alerts for application administrators

Integrated in the configuration module, the data’distribution technology's administration and supervision are straightforward and intuitive.

The traceability of data exchanges and processes is ensured. The user interface can be used to define alerts for application administrators.

Administration and traceability


The data'distribution  administration (or supervision) feature is integrated in the configuration module, and can be easily accessed from any point on the LAN or remote network via a Windows PC. Teams on call can therefore easily administrate data’distribution directly from their homes via a simple TCP-IP access point, or even through the Internet.


data’distribution indicates its ongoing operations at all times. It provides a history of the phases and transaction counters, and an analysis of the errors so that the administrator can fully understand the events and ensure traceability of the processes and exchanges. The administrator can enable trace mode to obtain a more detailed analysis of the various operations.



Programming alerts for the applications administrator

Alerts and error messages are systematically uploaded to the source machine to have a single, central point of administration.


A scheduler can be implemented for your data distributions. The scheduler guarantees smooth operation and ensures that the system is stopped and started according to schedule. It also makes sure that no one can inadvertently stop or start a distribution.



Databases supported by data’distribution

Each source is specific to a product in the range of Real-Time4 solutions, based on the data'distribution technology.


Version 6.0 of data'distribution supports the following sources:


  • Flat files (in extraction mode only)
  • All types of ODBC sources  (in extraction mode only)

    Version 6.0 of data’distribution supports the following targets:


    • Oracle Database, version 7.3.4 and higher
    • Microsoft and Sybase SQL Server, version 6.0 and higher
    • DB2/400 and AS/400, iSeries, Power i files
    • DB2 LUW
    • Progress OpenEdge
    • Sybase Database
    • MySQL
    • PostgreSQL
    • Pervasive SQL
    • MS Access
    • XML
    • Flat files
    • Any ODBC target