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Automatic disaster recovery to ensure service continuity

Business continuity has come to represent a priority for most companies.

Automatic disaster recoveries represent one of the key benefits of the data’distribution transactional CDC solution: this feature means you can manage service outages and help to ensure service continuity within the information system.

Automatic disaster recovery


Using its outstanding technology for automatic recovery following a break in communication or a system downtime, data'distribution resynchronizes the exchanges and ensures the record's data integrity.


Thus, for a backup-type replication, data’distribution is launched as soon as the source machine is started up whilst waiting for the target machine to start. If the downtime is unscheduled, data’distribution shuts down at the same time as the source machine


Extremely sophisticated, the automatic recovery function in data'distribution enables you to:


  • Fully load or reload a target database from the source database content, and then continue automatically on the transactions log with such precision that a synchronization point between the databases is not necessary.
  • Resume from a specific point in the source's transactions log to resend the transactions that occurred on the source database, once the target database has been saved, for example when reloading the target database from a backup.



A global architecture that guarantees service continuity


Using the centralized Hub and Spoke architecture, where one or more central machines are dedicated to data'distribution and act as the intermediary for all data exchanges (data hub), you can install the hub on a cluster to ensure service continuity.


Starting and ending functions of data'distribution can easily be integrated in applications and administration's tools of the companies concerned. data'distribution's alerts are integrable in alert feedback.