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Real-time backup of IBM AS/400, iSeries, Power and System i infrastructures using I5/Hot’Backup

i5/Hot’Backup is used to replicate all or part of an IBM Power i server (AS/400 iSeries, Power 7) on another Power i server in real time (on the fly).

Specialized in IBM infrastructures, Gamma Soft offers a backup solution that guarantees the security and high availability of data and objects.

Real-time backup and data security


I5/Hot'Backup captures changes on the system and databases using audit and transaction logs. It does this on the fly, on the source IBM machine. These changes are sent to the target machine and applied in real time.

Alerts can be programmed and sent by e-mail to warn administrators and decision-makers in the event of any problem.



"Classic" real-time backup or cross real-time backup


i5/Hot'Backup saves data, programs, profiles, spools, etc. in real time, from the IBM production machine to the IBM backup machine, with no loss of data.

In a real-time cross backup configuration, neither of the 2 IBM servers are dedicated exclusively to the backup. They can be used as development/test machines or to run other applications.


 Use case: a company licenses the use of its software in SaaS mode, using an IBM infrastructure, via two clustered iSeries-AS/400 servers. Both servers are active; each receives a set of clients. I5/Hot'Backup ensures the real-time cross backup of both machines. In the event of any failure on either machine, it switches the users on one machine to the other.



i5/Hot'Backup is robust and simple


The i5/Hot'Backup engine has been used for many years in various configurations and in high-volume environments. The OS versions on the machines may differ. The technology follows OS version upgrades seamlessly.


Getting started with i5/Hot’Backup is easy following a short, comprehensive training course.



i5/Hot'Backup has a small footprint and an exceptional value


With i5/Hot'Backup, hard disk occupancy and CPU consumption levels are very moderate.

Gamma Soft offers attractive rates for its i5/Hot'Backup solution.

i5/Hot'Backup uses the data'distribution technology which is IBM-recognized.


i5/Hot’Backup is dedicated to the IBM AS/400, iSeries and Power i range (AS/400 iSeries). It is fully compatible with the new range of IBM Power 7 servers as well as with other servers in the range (OS/400 version 5.2 or higher).