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Real-time backup by capturing changes in the IBM transaction logs

i5/Hot’Backup is used to replicate data in real time from an IBM Power i server (AS/400 iSeries, Power 7) to another Power i machine. i5/Hot’Backup works by capturing changes in the transactions logs and in the audit logs on the source Power i machine. i5/Hot’Backup meets all your needs for real-time backup of data zones, profiles, IFS, objects and spools.

Capturing changes via transactions logs for hot backup


The i5/Hot'Backup engine retrieves changes made in the system or database from the audit logs/transactions logs on the source IBM machine, and then sends them to the target IBM machine before applying them. This is all performed on the fly, in near real time.


The hot backup feature comprises the following types of objects (each can be enabled/disabled as needed):

  • Objects
  • Logging: used to automatically log a file as soon as it is created in the log of your choice, with a choice of log settings
  • Data
  • Spools
  • Profiles
  • IFS (Integrated File System)


i5/Hot'Backup does not impose any constraints on the data in terms of name, location and number of logs.



Installing the real-time backup solution


i5/Hot'Backup is installed on the source and target IBM AS/400, iSeries and Power System i servers.


i5/Hot'Backup is installed using an FTP script on a PC that is linked to the local or remote AS/400 - iSeries server via TCP-IP. The FTP service must be running on the AS/400 - iSeries machine on which you want to install the product.


Remote installations are thus made possible.


You can also automate the installation on multiple AS/400 - iSeries machines without the need for any manual action, simply by encapsulating the installation command several times (one for each IBM AS/400, iSeries, Power System i server) in a Windows batch file.



Configuring real-time data replication


The configuration of a real-time data replication is performed from any machine running Windows with a local or remote connection (and even via the Internet). You can configure an unlimited number of machines.


The configuration parameters are all defined and stored on the source machine. The target machine automatically receives the source machine configuration.

You can modify the configuration's parameters while replications are active; these modifications will be applied when you restart the machine.


In i5/Hot’Backup, objects, profiles, etc. are selected using a script written in a simple language with entry help.



Securing access to the Manager


In i5/Hot'Backup, handling security via a manager allows you to limit or prohibit access by certain users.


You can secure access not only to an i5/Hot'Backup source machine, but also to certain environments.



In short, i5/Hot’Backup is characteristic for its:


  • robustness
  • simplicity
  • reliability
  • low consumption
  • unparalleled price-quality ratio