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Configuring i5/Hot’Backup for the real-time, cross backup of IBM platforms

Configuring i5/Hot’Backup to back up IBM AS/400, iSeries, Power System i servers (normal real-time backup or real-time cross backup) is done exclusively on the issuing site (source machine); other than the installation, no action is necessary on the target site. Configuration is performed exclusively on a Windows platform.

Configuring i5/Hot’Backup for AS/400, iSeries, System i backups


You define the configuration parameters using the Manager module on a Windows platform. The configuration is stored in files on the source machine; all the elements are configured on the source since the target is the slave. The replication program automatically sends the configuration to the target machine.



5 steps to configure i5/Hot’Backup for AS/400, iSeries, System i:


  • Assign the source's properties.
  • Modify the selection scripts in the models. This step is optional. Using models is highly useful when you apply a backup to several AS/400, iSeries, Power i targets, since it avoids having to re-write the configuration for each one.
  • Create the targets. Define the backup's different AS/400, iSeries, Power i targets together with their characteristics.
  • Create rules for the data. This step serves to consider the existing transactions logs of your choice.
  • Modify the scripts in the rules. This optional step serves to fine-tune the selection scripts.

A test mode is available at all times when writing scripts so that you can directly check the objects selected or ignored. This avoids any misunderstandings, and speeds up the configuration's validation considerably.


Once these operations have been performed, the real-time data replication  on the AS/400, iSeries, Power i targets defined can begin, in accordance with the configuration.