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Data auditing and traceability with Real-Time4 Auditing

Knowing the answer to the questions Who? What? When? and How? has become all-important with regard to data evolution.

Data traceability is essential in relation to legislation, in particular financial and health-related security regulations. Real-Time4 Auditing is used to audit, trace and improve the reliability of data, and to monitor transactions.

Data traceability


To comply with laws such as Sarbanes Oxley (SOX), Basel II, France's financial security law (LSF), or FDA 21 CFR part 11 (Food and Drugs Administration), businesses must make sure that their information systems are fully compliant in terms of traceability.


Many ERPs and business software do not integrate any audit & traceability functionality, or else they do so insufficiently and invariably overlook the fact that the Database Administrator works on the data directly.


Real-Time4 Auditing can capture the actions performed on data and store them in a relational model on a database of the company's choice. This database may be located in a secure, protected environment.

Who, When, What, Where and How?


With Real-Time4 Auditing, you choose which elements you want to monitor, and then store them in a model that allows you to obtain relevant, clutter-free answers to questions such as:

"Who reduced the price of category-X02 items by a factor of at least 2 in November 2011?"



Real-Time4 Auditing is based on the data'distribution technology.