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Real-Time4 PostgreSQL, a real-time solution to integrate PostgreSQL database on the data’distribution technology

Real-Time4 PostgreSQL is the solution for real-time integration of PostgreSQL data based on the data'distribution technology. Real-Time4 PostgreSQL reads the PostgreSQL transactions log to integrate - in real time, with high data availability and in complete security - PostgreSQL database content or updates (CDC - Change Data Capture).

Real-Time4 PostgreSQL is used to exchange data between PostgreSQL and any other database


Real-Time4 PostgreSQL is designed to easily and securely distribute either the updates (via CDC) or the content (via extraction) of PostgreSQL databases to other systems: Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle databases, IBM AS/400-iSeries-Power i, PostgreSQL, Sybase ASE, Progress OpenEdge, ODBC, XML, text files, applications, ERP, etc., whatever the operating system (Windows, OS/400, i5/OS, UNIX, etc.).


The database table updates are captured in CDC mode based on the database transactions log or in trigger technology. Real-Time4 PostgreSQL then applies all the updates performed on the selected tables to one or more targets (Oracle databases, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM AS/400-iSeries-Power i, Sybase ASE, DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL, ODBC, Applications, ERP, etc.), in real time or in deferred mode.


Real-Time4 PostgreSQL retrieves data from the transactions log or with generated triggers and loads a specific data'distribution log structure (similar to a transactions log), allowing for highly precise recovery management and transaction traceability.


Given that the entire selection and transformation process is run on the source machine in PUSH mode, only the data you require is transferred - in the required format - to the target machine, which can also perform transformations on the fly.


The selection-transformation module can call all existing programs on the machine as well as the procedures stored on the database, thus enabling you to reuse existing management rules.



Real-Time4 PostgreSQL is based on the data'distribution technology


The Real-Time4 PostgreSQL architecture offers the following benefits:


  • Compliance with the PostgreSQL architecture
  • Very low CPU consumption
  • Very high fault tolerance (network, system, etc.)
  • Targets fully slaved