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Gamma Soft consultancy for real-time companies

Gamma Soft architects draw on over 20 years' experience in the real-time exchange and integration of data. They are able to make all types of systems dialog with one another in real time, even when remote.

Gamma Soft relies on this expertise and on a partner network to advise and support its customers in the choice and implementation of solutions for the real-time company: technical architectures, data flow optimization, data loading, etc.

Technical audits and diagnosis


Based on the analysis of existing data flows, integration experts proceed with their audit by diagnosing data flow optimization possibilities: choice and deployment of a real-time solution, optimization of the configuration, implementation of development standards, selection of the most suitable implementation architecture, etc.

The audit also serves to measure the impact of company IT system upgrades and transformations on data transactions, and to evaluate the ROI resulting from the deployment of a real-time solution.


Skills transfer represents an integral part of any consultancy or audit assignment entrusted to Gamma Soft: customer teams get to benefit from the consultants' expertise to perfect their proficiency in robust architectures.



Consultancy for architecture and data flow optimization


Gamma Soft helps its customers define and deploy the most suitable architecture to optimize the IT system and the flow of information within the company.


Given their considerable diversity, data integration architectures can often be complex.


Gamma Soft consultants have acquired extensive knowledge through their work on all types of architectures for loading, exchanging and synchronizing data in real time. They will suggest and set up solutions to speed up the implementation - and successful outcome - of the most ambitious IT projects, while helping their customers make significant reductions in architecture costs, and effectively transferring the necessary skills.



Consultancy for optimizing costs within the information system


Gamma Soft has created a division that specializes in IT cost reduction strategies.


Improving the IT system's organization, implementing a more suitable and scalable architecture, optimizing time and resources, optimizing hardware and software infrastructures: an evaluation of all potential gains leads to diagnosis and recommendations. This involves opting for solutions that will allow the company to make substantial savings while ensuring optimal quality of service.


The financial gains can be considerable, ranging from several hundred thousand euros for simple database migrations, to several million euros for global actions across a large corporation's entire IT department.