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Gamma Soft, a real-time solution publisher

The need for operational data at all times and at every level of the company: this is Gamma Soft's priority.

Decision makers at a real-time company need relevant, reliable data on which to base their reactions, whatever the nature and frequency of the events.

Gamma Soft publishes solutions for the real-time company



Gamma Soft is a software publisher that specializes in real-time data exchange.


Gamma Soft solutions are used for a number of purposes: to synchronize heterogeneous, geographically dispersed enterprise applications and systems; to propagate data in real time and in complete security for operational/financial reporting, Business Intelligence and e-business; to synchronize and back up heterogeneous and/or remote sites; to migrate applications to less costly infrastructures.



High data availability for the event-driven company



Gamma Soft architects are able to make all types of system dialog in real time, even when remote. With more than 15 years of experience in real-time data transactions and integration, Gamma Soft has, for example, enabled a leading mail order company to integrate 400 million daily transactions to its BI system.


Gamma Soft has developed an innovative approach to the capture, exchange and integration of data based on the data’distribution transactional CDC (Change Data Capture) technology. It offers a range of real-time solutions  to enable continuous access to information at all levels of the company and to ensure reliability of critical business processes. Its underlying technological engine supports all data sources  available on the market.