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Gamma Soft, a real-time solution publisher

Specializing in real-time data exchange and integration, Gamma Soft publishes solutions that draw on over 15 years of R&D and know-how in real-time technological innovation.

Real Time as the underlying theme



Founded in 1983, Gamma Soft Informatique immediately focused on real-time technological innovation, producing a computer-assisted production management solution that would give its customers full visibility of their scheduling, in real time.


In 1995, the company embarked on publishing software applications in the highly specialized inter-system data transactions sector. Its initial intention was to make AS400 servers communicate with one another and with disparate targets. This brought about the idea of creating a veritable data Esperanto that would enable all databases, whatever their type, to converse with one another, in real time.


The foundations of this huge undertaking were thus laid: managing multi-database and multi-platform complexities, establishing a universal architecture with common use of the solution, and enabling extremely light maintenance. Long years of development ensued by a close-knit team of architects and experts, oriented toward the customer's needs and the quality of the delivery. The enterprise focused more on sustainability than market growth, seeking to deploy its technology on the industry's main platforms and databases, namely those of IBM, Oracle and Microsoft. Its technology would be adopted by major corporations such as McDonalds, French TV channel TF1, Cuisines Schmidt, Vygon, and Brinks, among others.


In 2010, encouraged by the results of outstanding comparative reviews and benchmarks that underscored the technical quality of their products, Gamma Soft's leaders finally decided to come out of their relative isolation and adopt an important growth strategy. In fact, their Real Time technology proved to be between 2.5 and 5 times faster than that of their competitors!



What about the future?


Gamma Soft leaders have strengthened their investments in marketing and R&D to enhance the image of their Real Time range of products, pave the way for international growth and propel this gem on the market!


Gamma Soft's roadmap of future Real Time solutions includes new connectors for managing Big Data, cloud and mobile computing technologies.