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Real-Time4 Business Intelligence
Real-Time for Business Intelligence Use Case

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Real-time Business Intelligence with Real-Time4 Business Intelligence

The Real-Time4 Business Intelligence solution loads the BI system in real time to reduce the time needed for operational decision-making, providing decision-makers with complete, relevant information as rapidly as possible.

Real-Time4 Business Intelligence brings the company added value by providing users with a fast, high-performance BI tool based on the most recent data.

The real-time company  


Today's real-time company uses data that is constantly being updated to speed up the optimization of its critical business processes. The greater the demand for information within the company, the more it needs real-time data integration solutions to capture, transform, adapt and distribute data flows from multiple, heterogeneous and sometimes incompatible sources. 

Classic data integration solutions operating in PULL mode prove to be insufficient faced with this rising demand: their impact on the source machine's performance is too high, and they fail to provide real-time data to load the systems.



Loading the BI system in real time


Real-time operation benefits any data exchange system by switching from PULL mode to PUSH mode, effectively reducing data propagation times at all levels.


Real-Time4 Business Intelligence is the ideal BI tool for loading and synchronizing data warehouses, data marts and web databases in real time or according to a predefined schedule. Real-Time4 Business Intelligence guarantees the most recent data for real-time analyses.

With its polymorphic capabilities, Real-Time4 Business Intelligence puts strategic data exactly where it is needed and in the required format for users to work with: calculations, cleanup, standardization, code conversion, translation, etc. Every change made to the source data is captured, transferred and applied to the target data in less than one second.



Real-Time4 Business Intelligence strengthens active data warehouses


The Gamma Soft solution increases the availability of operational systems by unloading queries from the BI system to dedicated operational reporting databases.


Gartner predicts that by 2014, 85% of the data warehouses deployed will be unable to accommodate the increasing amounts of data processed, and the complexity of demands. In 2015, those companies that are able to integrate new, heterogeneous source data within a consistent Information Management infrastructure will outrun their competitors financially by 20%.


By ensuring high availability of data from - and to - strategic business processes,  Gamma Soft's Real-Time4 Business Intelligence solution completes classic data warehousing approaches, and optimizes the company's investment in an ETL-type infrastructure.


The  Real-Time4 Business Intelligence solution is based on the data’distribution technology.