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Event-Driven data integration for the Real-Time company

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Bidirectional synchronization in Real Time between the Back-Office and the CRM with the Real-Time4 CRM

Real-Time4 CRM allows the implementation of a CRM solution connecting it directly to the applications and the already existing ERP. The synchronization is done in two directions. It is not necessary anymore to develop expensive interfaces. A simple set-up is enough and the updates are done in real time. In this way, as soon as a user modifies the contact information of a client in the ERP, the update is done immediately in the CRM. Similarly, when an event takes place in the CRM, it has an immediate impact in the back-office.

Real-Time4 CRM allows also the launching of specific actions other than the update of a database. For example, it can send an email, start a treatment in the ERP. The data becomes intelligent without the implementation of long, complex and expensive processes.

The implementation of Real-Time4 CRM is fast and does not require any kind of modification of its applications. Its ownership cost is extremely low and its pricing model very attractive.

The Real-Time4 CRM uses data'distribution technology to operate in real time.

The selection/transformation feature is performed both on the source and on the target so that only essential data is sent, and enables to synchronize completely different data schemes on heterogeneous systems.

  • Non invasive: data'distribution does not interfere with transactions. An asynchronous agent captures changes in the transaction log. Therefore programs and databases remain unchanged.
  • Incremental: data'distribution operates in real time (on the fly).
  • High performance, guaranteed delivery: the technology in data'distribution uses parallelism to face massive workloads and to get rid of network delays. This allows the spreading on WANs worldwide, even in countries where the network infrastructure is weak ,without worrying about network cuts, which are absorbed in a completely transparent way. 
  • The integrity of transactions is guaranteed: data'distribution captures the movement of data in the order of transactions were made.