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Event-Driven data integration for the Real-Time company

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Real-time data exchange with Real-Time4 Data Exchange

Real-Time4 Data Exchange is an EAI, ESB/SOA solution that enables all the IT system's applications to dialog with one another in real time, despite their heterogeneity. Real-Time4 Data Exchange allows for reliable, real-time automatic data exchange between all types of applications.

In addition, Real-Time4 Data Exchange meets requirements for data traceability and security.

Facilitate inter-application exchange


The multiple applications used in a company come from increasingly diverse sources, and sometimes run in remote environments and on heterogeneous systems. Data exchange comes up against a number of obstacles: thinking in terms of real time and actually synchronizing data has become extremely complex in this context.


The Real-Time4 Data Exchange solution overcomes this complexity by breaking free from interfaces to enable direct application interconnection. Real-Time4 Data Exchange propagates data between the systems synchronously or asynchronously to facilitate real-time data exchange.


Data security and data traceability represent another challenge for today's multi-system, distributed IT systems.


Tracing and securing data exchanges: Who, What, When and How?


Real-Time4 Data Exchange meets requirements for auditing and instantly tracing data exchanges.


As a transactions log processor, Real-Time4 Data Exchange captures and processes all database events, as desired. Processing may consist in selecting and archiving - in a database earmarked for audit and traceability - not only modified or deleted data, but also the before and after values and, above all, the context (user, program, job, date, time, etc.). An SQL or reporting tool can be used to run the queries.


The trace options in Real-Time4 Data Exchange thus allow you to monitor transactions by providing a highly detailed view of all the data exchanges and processes performed by the tool, and of the interactions with the database. You can trace the evolution of a data item over time, identify a data item that was either accidentally or deliberately deleted, and then recreate it.


Real-Time4 Data Exchange guarantees data security for multiple uses.


The Real-Time4 Data Exchange solution is based on the data’distribution technology.