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Event-Driven data integration for the Real-Time company

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Application cloning and data exchange between remote sites with Real-Time4 Data Exchange

Real-Time4 Data Exchange is a unique solution for automating and securing multiple cross-application and cross-platform data exchanges within the same information system, or between remote systems, in real time.

It represents a highly effective alternative to acquiring both an ETL-type batch data management tool and an EAI, ESB/SOA-type event-driven tool, thus helping to control your IT investments.

Data exchanges in the IS


Real-Time4 Data Exchange works by propagating data - synchronously or asynchronously - between heterogeneous databases and applications, whether local or remote.

Configured to accommodate multiple data sources within the information system,  Real-Time4 Data Exchange orchestrates the flow of inter-application and inter-platform exchanges. Its ability to audit and instantly trace data flows secures these exchanges.

By working like a data hub, it greatly simplifies the interfacing, enabling super fast implementation and extremely light maintenance.



Application cloning


With Real-Time4 Data Exchange, an application initially intended for mono-site use can be made into a multi-site application without the need for costly redevelopment or recoding. In fact, with Real-Time4 Data Exchange, you can model processes to clone mono-site applications and make them multi-site.



Data exchange between remote sites

Real-Time4 Data Exchange automates and secures data exchanges between remote sites, with an automatic disaster recovery functionality, even when the systems are external to the company information system.

Propagating targeted data from a central data warehouse to local or remote data marts, and automatically collecting and consolidating data from remote or overseas sites is thus made easy! In addition, for SaaS and cloud computing needs, Real-Time4 Data Exchange ensures fast, secure data transit between applications running on sites that are not under the client's direct responsibility.


When the company is established on several continents, Real-Time4 Data Exchange confers functional independence to remote systems located in different time zones or with a low throughput by enabling them to work on data available locally.


The Real-Time4 Data Exchange solution is based on the data'distribution technology.