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Event-Driven data integration for the Real-Time company

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Real-time integration of data with Real-Time4 Data Integration

Unlike classic data integration platforms (ETL) that operate in PULL mode, Real-Time4 Data Integration works in PUSH mode: operational data extraction, transformation and loading are all done in real time.

The highly sophisticated transformation capabilities available with Real-Time4 Data Integration make it a true real-time ETL solution.

A real-time ETL solution...  

Operational data on the source application can be captured in real time, then replicated on a target system which becomes both a reporting tool and the source for building aggregates used for decision-making.


Data is loaded incrementally, with the possibility of selecting, transforming, joining and aggregating on the fly. Since Real-Time4 Data Integration detects data variations, it is capable of updating in real time  data aggregates to the target, without having to entirely recalculate them.


... that completes the classic data warehousing approach


A classic ETL (Extract Transform Load) tool usually has to process a snapshot of the production database, which represents a potentially large volume of data, and often immediately following night-time processing. This can create volume-related problems, as well as increasing processing time and generating downtime for the data warehouse and production database. Furthermore, a classic ETL tool is unable to consider data that has been physically deleted.


Real-Time4 Data Integration is based on the data'distribution technology, transactional CDC which reads the transactions log.

Consequently, Real-Time4 Data Integration allows you to process only data that has actually been added, modified or even deleted, but also to start processing these transactions right from the start of night-time processing, thus speeding up data loading in the data warehouse.

The production window required for loading the data warehouse is thus reduced to zero, and the solution can be implemented without disrupting 24/7 operation.