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Integrating inter-system data with Real-Time4 Data Integration: use case

The Real-Time4 Data Integration solution provides a simple, secure answer to the problems inherent in integrating complex inter-system data: heterogeneous and/or remote platforms, large volumes of data, reduced time windows for loading, and so on.

With its almost unlimited transformation capacity, Real-Time4 Data Integration has already been deployed on integrations with over 400 million transactions a day.

Integrating data in the ODS


An increasing number of BI databases under operational control such as ODS (Operational Data Store) are easily loaded by a solution like Real-Time4 Data Integration which can process huge volumes of data. The breadth of its transformation engine means you can implement flow optimization processes to convey only the data you want, when you want it.


The Real-Time4 Data Integration solution is based on the data’distribution technology, designed to be used in industrial processes and perfectly suited to strategic data loading thanks to its robust design.



Enterprise application integration


Given the increasingly competitive economic climate of the 21st century, enterprise-oriented applications such as ERPs (SAP, PeopleSoft, Siebel, Movex, BPCS, JDE, JDA, Reflex, Qualiac, etc.) and traditional applications must integrate seamlessly and effortlessly with applications used to communicate with suppliers, partners and clients, in particular CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools and Web-based applications.  


Real-Time4 Data Integration enables companies to integrate their various systems powerfully, quickly and efficiently.



Repository management for consistent, high-quality data


Effective data management has become one of the key functions of a company's IT department. Ensuring the quality of the data that circulates inside the information system is all-important.

With the arrival of modules for managing repository data and data quality, developing a single coding system means being able to reconcile and consolidate the information. The goal is to have a tool that can manage cross references and data standardization solutions. Combined with data quality management, these MDM (Master Data Management) solutions serve to establish a virtuous circle in which the reference data is constantly improved, from the back office through to its use for decision-making.


The Real-Time4 Data Integration solution is based on the data'distribution technology.