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Event-Driven data integration for the Real-Time company

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Simple and fast database migration with Real-Time4 Data Migration

Real-Time4 Data Migration allows you to simplify and make the migration of your current databases to new technologies fast and reliable.

With SQL Server, Oracle, DB2/400, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Progress OpenEdge database replication, it is now possible to migrate to any kind of database, either classic or Big Data.

During migration


During migration phase with or without redeveloping applications, Real-Time4 Data Migration allows you to synchronise the new database from the production database and have it ready for test and validation. If redevelopment takes place, the data model may be radically different, data'distribution transformation engine performs all types of selection and transformation without any limits.



Migration failover


Real-Time4 Data Migration allows a continuous flow of applications and a smooth swift for users. As a matter of fact, as both databases are active, through a bi-directional replication you can have them both operational while the process takes place.

Real-Time4 Data Migration allows you as well to migrate the application one by one without waiting for all of them to be migrated to shift users.



After migration


After the shifting of users to the new database, Real-Time4 Data Migration will be able to capture all the transactions performed on the new database therefore avoiding any eventual information loss.




Return on Investment


A large number of customers were able to save 3.5 million euro by migrating their application on DB2/400 databases to Oracle PeopleSoft, from Oracle to Microsoft SQL Server or Mysql. In 10 days they were able to save around 400.000 euro




The Real-Time4 Data Migration solution is based on data'distribution technology.