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Event-Driven data integration for the Real-Time company

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Real-time e-business with Real-Time4 e-business

Real-Time4 e-business meets two key requirements of e-business activities: high data availability, and secure data exchange.

Real-time synchronization of traditional business applications with e-commerce applications help reduce time to market.

A real-time e-business solution


Real-Time4 e-business provides the necessary software infrastructure for bi-directional, real-time interconnection of data flows between multiple systems and heterogeneous databases: applications and traditional databases (applications for placing orders, billing, inventory, delivery, etc.) with websites and internet/intranet/extranet applications.


High-performance machines that are optimized to handle a large number of queries and users without hindering the transactional system means workload peaks can easily be accommodated, and avoids burdening the infrastructure.



High data availability 


With its minimal footprint on production servers, elimination of time windows and extremely high fault tolerance with automatic recovery processes, Real-Time4 e-business offers high data availability. Your company can effectively guarantee a comprehensive 24/7 service.



High data security


Real-Time4 e-business makes data impervious to intrusions.


The Real-Time4 e-business solution is based on the data'distribution technology.