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Event-Driven data integration for the Real-Time company

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Real-time e-commerce with Real-Time4 e-business: Use case

Real-Time4 e-business makes it easier than ever to consider internal or external web databases – including those hosted in the cloud – as part of the global information system, while ensuring secure data and immediate exchange.

Quite simply, e-commerce stocks are managed and displayed in real time.


Performance of real-time exchange on the web


The Internet of today and tomorrow is all about real-time interconnection of information within a consistent architecture of computers, operating systems, databases and traditional/e-commerce applications. Given their diversity, systems need to be globally controlled by a simple and powerful communication tool in order to increase the company's performance.


RealTime4 e-business confers a very short latency in exchanges between the Internet sites and the production databases.


This means, for example, that the stock displayed online is considered to be true to the nearest second without having to develop complex interfaces.


Heterogeneous infrastructures and hosting methods


Real-Time4 e-business caters to infrastructures deployed in a DMZ or hosted externally in the cloud, as well as to an array of databases running on diverse operating systems.


By selecting and transforming data on the fly, companies can break free from web development constraints by enabling all types of transformation and aggregation. Furthermore, this innovative technology can manage orphans dynamically, and avoids having to remove obsolete information from the internet database.


High data availability


Real-Time4 e-business allows users to work in bi-directional mode and to feed data entered by internet users directly in the production database(s), or in intermediate tables that can be checked before being integrated, or in integration programs.


Real-Time4 e-business ensures high data availability by performing loads in transactional mode rather than in batch mode.



Real-Time4 e-business solution is based on data'distribution's technology.