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Real-time operational reporting with Real-Time4 Live Reporting

Reliable, real-time operational reporting is a prerequisite for improving the quality of operational and strategic decision-making. However, the standard BI platform often adopted by companies does not comply with the real-time analysis and reporting needs in relation to critical applications.

Real-Time4 Live Reporting extracts, replicates and synchronizes the data in real time for the purposes of operational reporting.

An innovative, straightforward real-time tool for BI in line with users  


In 2009, according to Gartner, only 28% of potential users employed the standard Business Intelligence (BI) tools adopted by their company. At issue: user unfriendliness, slow response times, and lack of relevance of the data delivered.


Based on the innovative data’distribution technology, Real-Time4 Live Reporting dramatically increases your BI system's performance to that it complies with operational reporting requirements, and provides users with real-time dashboards and reports based on relevant, reliable indicators: in other words, it brings you a more responsive form of BI, oriented towards users' specific business objectives.



Real-time data extraction and replication


The Real-Time4 Live Reporting solution extracts the data from the database in real time for the purposes of operational reporting, and replicates it on a dedicated machine (and transforms it, if necessary). Data integrity is thus ensured in real time. The data is reliable and can be used in various reports and dashboards, and in multiple applications.


Moreover, using high-performance machines that are optimized to handle a large number of users and queries means you effectively stop penalizing the transactional system.



IT management prefers Real-Time4 Live Reporting


  • Real-Time4 Live Reporting has a minimal footprint on production databases. Indeed, IT departments now seek to minimize the impact of reporting tools that directly access production databases. The architecture of its underlying data'distribution technology means Real-Time4 Live Reporting operates incrementally, thus enabling it to work in real time, on the fly and to considerably reduce the volume of information to be refreshed.
  • Real-Time4 Live Reporting does away with the need for developing specific reports or documents produced by applications and business software.
  • Real-Time4 Live Reporting helps to rationalize IT investments by combining operational reporting and decision-making in the same tool. Low-level source data extracted for operational reporting purposes can also be used for business intelligence purposes (creation of a data warehouse).
  • Real-Time4 Live Reporting makes data population flows reliable.


The Real-Time4 Live Reporting solution is based on the data’distribution technology.