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Real-time dashboards with Real-Time4 Live Reporting: Use case

With Real-Time4 Live Reporting, the company gains access to "true Real Time" and can display KPIs and real-time dashboards to meet real-time management or accounting requirements.

True real time for powerful management


Business Intelligence systems requires up-to-the-second data to display indicators and dashboards on which to base fast decisions for accurate and reliable performance management. Fresh data is particularly necessary for pricing purposes and in systems used by pro-active businesses.


Real-Time4 Live Reporting can be used to populate a data warehouse with information from various data sources and geographic locations with an extremely short latency (less than 1 second). This is referred to as "true real time".



Real-time dashboards for critical activities


Real-Time4 Live Reporting is a non-intrusive solution in relation to production databases. It can be used to cross, aggregate, select, transform, clean and re-standardize the data, all with a very low impact on the systems.


This solution's robustness, easy and seamless implementation and low cost of ownership have won over many companies working in various fields, whether for instantly feeding back data from robots, or loading an end-to-end hospital live reporting system (covering the patient's admission, medical examinations, operation and subsequent drug prescription).


The Real-Time4 Live Reporting dashboard solution is based on the data'distribution technology.