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Event-Driven data integration for the Real-Time company

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Real-time bi-directional replication for synchronizing data with Real-Time4 Data Synchronization

Real-Time4 Data Synchronization is a solution for real-time synchronization of databases, systems and master data. Real-Time4 Data Synchronization can manage the backup of over 10 million transactions per day, the bi-directional synchronization of dozens of machines, and inter-application exchanges in real time.

Synchronizing data between heterogeneous, remote systems


The IT system has evolved in line with company changes and internal/external growth. The company's multiple applications now run on incompatible systems and sometimes in remote environments. As a result, synchronizing data has become extremely complex, for example, synchronizing stocks between a sales management application and a production management application hosted on different platforms.


Real-Time4 Data Synchronization is a real-time, bi-directional data replication solution that secures the synchronization of data in real time between heterogeneous source and target systems for multiple uses: synchronization of repositories , real-time synchronization of a CRM based on production. 


Users appreciate the speed, low resource consumption, simplicity, power and flexibility of Real-Time4 Data Synchronization.



A real-time information system

Real-Time4 Data Synchronization meets the requirements of multinational corporations for consolidating data worldwide.


For example, when configured inside a distributed IT system, Real-Time4 Data Synchronization can synchronize X databases around the globe in real time and consider them as a single database distributed globally, seamlessly handling communication breaks and system downtimes, and with a minimum amount of administration that is limited to the working hours of the company headquarters.


Real-Time4 Data Synchronization is the real-time bi-directional replication solution for:


  • Real-time synchronization of an internet/extranet database – for example, synchronization of the status of customer orders on the extranet.
  • Synchronization of data (for example, in a product and price database) in deferred mode for a mobile sales force using e-mails.
  • Automatic synchronization of test and acceptance-testing databases.
  • Synchronization of databases on remote and non-connected systems, as is the case with the sales force. Unlimited number of targets accommodated via the broadcast system.


The Real-Time4 Data Synchronization bi-directional, real-time replication solution is based on the data’distribution technology.