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Event-Driven data integration for the Real-Time company

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Real-time repository and CRM synchronization with Real-Time4 Data Synchronization

Real-Time4 Data Synchronization is a multi-platform, real-time solution with a minimal footprint on the database for optimized enterprise application performance.

Combined with an MDM solution, it can be used to synchronize repositories automatically and in real time.

Real-Time4 Data Synchronization can be interfaced with the various production and management applications to synchronize the CRM tool and enhance its efficiency.

A real-time information system


Real-Time4 Data Synchronization answers to the issues of the consolidation of the data of multinational company on a worldwide scale.

Configurated according to the distributed IS, Real-Time4 Data Synchronization allows you to synchronize your data in real-time. Your x databases spreaded out all over the world can be considered as one single database, managed without any communication and system breakdowns, all this with the minimum of administration within the business hours of our French headquarters.


Automatic, real-time synchronization of repositories


Real-Time4 Data Synchronization works by propagating data between reference tables either synchronously or asynchronously. Interfaced with a standard Master Data Management (MDM) application, Real-Time4 Data Synchronization propagates the modifications on the master data.

Real-Time4 Data Synchronization thus provides a solution for conveying reliable reference data (combined with a Master Data Management application), collecting the appearance of master data from distributed applications, and synchronizing the master data between the applications.



Real-time CRM synchronization


Software infrastructure problems often limit Customer Relationship Management (CRM); company data and customer data usually reside on incompatible systems and use incompatible software. This explains why so little information is exchanged between the CRM application and traditional applications.


Real-time, bi-directional data replication  enables companies to leverage the full potential of a CRM application. Real-Time4 Data Synchronization captures, transforms and loads data from a traditional management or production application in real time and supplies it to the CRM application: order statuses, current and future deliveries, balances and any other information that might otherwise be difficult to find quickly. This automatic, real-time synchronization service means the CRM department can immediately obtain all data on the customer directly via the CRM application.



The Real-Time4 Data Synchronization bi-directional replication solution is based on the data'distribution  technology.

Solution Real-Time4 Data Synchronization, réplication bidirectionnelle des données