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Event-Driven data integration for the Real-Time company

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Real-time Big Data with Real-Time4 Big Data

Reliable Big Data in real time has become imperative to improve the quality of the operational and strategic decision making and to being able to face a considerable volumetric injection.
Let us take the example of standard Business Intelligence: its effectiveness for analysis and reporting in real time on critical applications is decreasing.
Real-Time4 Big Data extraits, replicates and synchronises all data in real real time in order to process them.

Big Data integration in Real Time 


Real-Time4 Big Data Solution extraits data in Real Time for all Big Data needs and replicates them to a dedicated computer (with transformation if necessary).

The integrity of data is thereby guaranteed in Real Time. This reliable data thus enables their use in different reports, scoreboards and many other applications.
In addition, the use of performing computers through our solutions to manage a big number of requests and users, is the way to stop penalising the transaction processing system.



Capture data change in Real Time


Real-Time4 Big Data solution captures every single information change, including deletions and modifications (before and after) with contextual data (date/time, user, job, etc.) in order to stock them in the Big Data and authorize a future use in predictive systems.



Specialized connectors


Real-Time4 Big Data solution has specialized connectors towards EMC Greenplum databases (RealTime4 Big Data Greenplum connector) ), IBM Netezza (RealTime4 Big Data Netezza connector), Actian Vectorwise (RealTime4 Big Data Vectorwise connector). They allow a continuous loading by choosing the frequency from up to 1 second. New connectors are being developed.


Real-Time4 Big Data  is DSI’s choice


Real-Time4 Big Data’s footprint on databases is minimal: Corporate IT seek to lower the impact of data retrieval and data exploitation tools in direct access to the production bases. data’distribution’s architecture --Real-Time4 Big Data foundation-- provides an incremental operating mode that enables it to operate in Real Time on the fly and it reduces considerably the amount of data to reload.

  •  Real-Time4 Big Data does away with the need for specific report development from applications and software packages.
  • Real-Time4 Big Data helps reduce IT operating costs by a radical cutback of feeding processes and of the time needed
  • During an implementation over at one of our clients, a 10-hour Netezza feeding was shortened to 34 minutes.
  • Real-Time4 Big Data makes reliable data flows.



Real-Time4 Big Data is supported by the data'distribution technology.